Wholeness Healing Retreat for Cancers Survivors

Have you beat cancer and fear it may return?

Is depression or anxiety holding you back from living your best life?

Have you stopped dreaming?

Are you struggling to find a new normal?

Our retreat offers you a real solution
This retreat is for you if you:
Refuse to let cancer define you - go from victim to victor!
Are ready to create an even better life than you had before - yes, you can dream again

Are looking for a natural approach to optimize your health and regain your energy

Want to learn to manage your emotions!

This retreat is not for you if:

  You are newly diagnosed and still in treatment.
        There is still a need to identify with cancer and are not ready to move beyond it - yes, we said it!

     You are looking for another cancer support group - it's all about future talk here!

If you qualify, please join our amazing group of women at the Bayview Wildwood Resort in Severn Bridge, Ontario from October 22nd to the 25th for a powerful 3 day event that will teach you how to release the fear, reclaim your power and give you ultimate control and peace of mind over your health and future.

We have committed to come together to create a space to move you through this sphere to find a bigger better life on the other side! 

What You Will Learn

  • The 4 pillars of health – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental – how they connect to achieve complete health. 

  • How to manage all negative emotions and rein in the fear to create space to bring in more joy and gratitude into your life.

  • Powerful manifestation techniques to create the life you’ve always wanted.

  • How to keep yourself in balance and out of overwhelm – YES please!

  • Magic! Learn how to use a pendulum to communicate with your body. We will teach you how to boost your immune system and metabolism too. So much fun!  

  • How to protect yourself energetically from the vampires in your life - we all have them!

  • The health benefits of plant based nutrition and essential oils and how to use them safely.

  • HypnoAsana™ Restorative Yoga - this alone is worth attending!

  • How to take guided meditation to a whole new level to improve your health and the mind body connection.

  • How traumatic and/or high negative emotional events connect to disease.

  • The benefits of having had cancer - you read it right! We can guarantee many A-HA moments! 

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What You Can Expect

  • Leave  empowered to make choices that will transform your health and your life. 

  • A tool box of techniques and strategies you can use for emotional and health management – when the yucky stuff bubbles up!

  • Leave with greater awareness of self and a deeper understanding of how powerful the mind body connection is.

  • Deeper knowledge of how to improve your health naturally.

  • Have fun learning magic and how to protect yourself energetically and bring out your inner Goddess!

  • A fun, safe environment to share your journey.

  • Plenty of focused discussion and reflection, rest and relaxation.

  • A loving, supportive community of women helping women.

  • Healthy meals.

  • Opening and closing ceremonies by the fire – expect something special!

  • Retreat community on Facebook.

  • Learning beyond the retreat - Facebook webinar on 'How to Get Your Sexy Back'!

Expert Presenters
Stephanie Jensen is an avid enthusiast of movement medicine (yoga) and radical self-love. She lives and teaches her passion of yoga in Las Vegas - and has recently began traveling and teaching as well!...READ MORE
Shannon Zangari is a co-founder of Good Humans. She is also an experienced teacher, successful entrepreneur, speaker, Master NLP coach and trainer of Hypnotherapy... READ MORE
Jenny Soder is the founder of Jenny B Health + Fitness and is the captain of the Natural Living Holistic Health + Wellness community that houses + serves her doTERRA team of builders + oilers. This platinum leader... READ MORE

Arlene is the founder of Living With Colour and co-founder of Good Humans.  She works with her clients one on one and in groups to allow for people to unveil their own magnificence...READ MORE

Vanessa Long teaches people how to build a  life that they love - without burning out. 

Her clients learn how to make more money in their businesses - and how to create truly exceptional impact and service - while strengthening their relationships and staying true to their soul’s purpose...READ MORE

Cara Lachance is co-founder of Good Humans.  She is an experienced health care provider and registered nurse with expertise in oncology and surgical nursing...READ MORE

Accommodations and Amenities
Each guest will be staying in one of the private self-contained cottages with a living room and separate bedrooms (some rooms will accommodate single and double occupancy.) Each cottage comes with:

  • Television 

  • Voicemail 

  • In-room wireless internet services

  • In-House movies played daily at no extra charge

  • Sundry items; ice, snacks, soft drinks etc., available at front desk and vending machines

  • Refrigeration, hairdryers and coffee makers

  • Fireplace and private patios

  • Free parking 

  • Business services – copier, facsimile, and secretarial 

  • All have views of the lake!

  • NOTE: Participants will be staying at the Walton Cottage.


Amenities and Facilities

Please visit bayviewwildwood.com/our-resort/facilities-services/ for a full list 

Food Menu

Please visit bayviewwildwood.com/echos-dining/menus/ for sample menus


Because we are Good Humans, our mission is to change the world and that means making this healing retreat accessible to as many people as possible. With that intention, we are offering a substantial discount to attend. If this event is for you, we want to help you get there. We are offering a 15% discount to all participants and an additional 5% if you book between October 1st to the 5th.  


Good Humans is also committed to giving back. We are giving a portion of our profits to the Angels in Pink Foundation.

Single Occupancy   $1280

Double Occupancy $1080
*Maximum 30 participants

*payment plan available - see FAQs

Cost includes:


All meals 

HypnoAsana yoga sessions

Meditation sessions

Divine energy sessions



Aromatherapy bracelet


FAQs  - Any questions not answered here, please post in our Facebook group.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring friends and family with the understanding that this event is a women’s event and as such, your guests must be female. We also understand that they have been touched by cancer through your journey or someone they know. We ask that they qualify themselves for the retreat as well. Any guest will be charged their own fee of single or double occupancy. If they choose to stay without attending the retreat, they would pay double occupancy for accommodations and food only. Please contact us for exact price and details at info@goodhumans.ca

If I choose double occupancy who will my roommate be?

You will be roomed with another lovely Goddess. You will be able to use our Facebook group to get to know each other.

Can I request a roommate?

Yes you may. Please email us ahead of time.

Who qualifies for this retreat?

This retreat is a highly targeted event for those who have had cancer and are now in remission or no longer have cancer and who are looking for healing beyond the physical into the spiritual, mental and emotional areas of their life.

What types of cancer do you work with?

We welcome all survivors. While cancer is the common thread that brings participants together, what brings them to our retreat is the desire to release their fears, explore themselves in a new way and acquire skills and tools that will enable them to move forward in their life in a big bold way.  

What is HypnoAsana™ Restorative Yoga? What if I’ve never done yoga before, can I still participate?

Yes, you can participate. HypnoAsana™ Restorative Yoga puts you in a state of trance which is like being in a dream. You will enjoy an “adult naptime” in an induced theta state by Isochronic tones. While your brain relaxes you will be doing deep stretches with yoga props provided for you. Positive suggestions for health and healing are interlaced in the mood-scape music for your unconscious mind. As a beautiful side effect you will reduce stress, fatigue and stiffness. You may bring your own yoga mat although they will be provided. Get excited, this will be a powerful experience that can transform your health and mind!

Is there a minimum age?

Participants must be 19 years of age.

I am really emotional and cry all the time, can I still come?

Yes. This retreat is a must for you.

What time should I arrive?

The resort is open for check-in any time after 3pm on Sunday October 22nd.

Am I expected to participate in all the activities and workshops?

This retreat is highly experiential. We strongly encourage you to participate in all the activities and workshops if you expect to meet the retreat expectations.

What type of food is available?

You can access sample meals on the Bayview Wildwood Resort site. See link provided above. Most of our meals are buffet style so there will be plenty of options if you are vegetarian or have food sensitivities. If you have food allergies, please specify on your registration form. We will eat each meal as a group.

What should I bring to the retreat?

Basic toiletries and comfortable clothes and clothes for layering. The weather in Northern Ontario at this time of year will be brisk, especially at night around the fire. You may want to bring a fall jacket and blanket. You will want to bring clothing for yoga and any walks you might like to take on the trails. You may want to bring a bathing suit for the pool and spa facilities. A notepad and pen for note taking is also suggested. Please visit the link under facilities.

Can I pay in installments?

If you require financial assistance, please contact us directly at info@goodhumans.ca. If you need this retreat, we are committed to help you get you there.

What is your cancellation policy?

Participants require 1 week’s notice for a full refund. 

Hosted by GoodHumans
For more information contact info@goodhumans.ca
BayView WildWood Resort
1500 Port Stanton Pkwy,
Severn Bridge, Ontario  P0E 1N0
For more information contact