Jenny Soder is the founder of Jenny B Health + Fitness and is the captain of the Natural Living Holistic Health + Wellness community that houses + serves her doTERRA team of builders + oilers. This platinum leader in doTERRA is an incredibly passionate and free-spirited individual whose life is committed to helping people redefine their health + wellness potential. 


In Jenny’s world there are no limitations + boundaries only potential and wide-open spaces for all of us to make our own.  Jenny shares over 25+ combined years of her experience as massage + fascial stretch therapist, holistic nutritionist, health + wellness coach to help impact as many people as she can. 


A private investigator to the body, Jenny’s days are spent educating people on how to read the subtle dance our body’s perform in order to respond and maintain an abundant way of living. A true believer in allowing the body to heal itself and restore love through natural tools + a positive mindset.

Expert Presenter