Founding Member

Cara Lachance is a co-founder of Good Humans. She is an experienced health care professional and registered nurse with expertise in oncology and surgical nursing. Understanding the gaps that exist in our health care system and how they directly impact the patient, fueled her desire to impact health care at a global level. Cara radiates positivity, has a zest for life and cares deeply for those around her. Because of this, she is sought out by her patients and colleagues for advocacy and change.  

Cara is also experienced in behaviour change and change management, is a LEAN Sensei, a Master NLP Coach, a Master Time Line Therapist and entrepreneur. Her philosophy is that awareness creates choice making transformation and change possible in every area of life.  As such, Cara has coached and influenced many of her patients, clients and colleagues to think differently about their circumstances empowering them to create a new reality for their health, life and career.

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