Expert Presenter

Vanessa Long teaches people how to build a  life that they love - without burning out. 

Her clients learn how to make more money in their businesses - and how to create truly exceptional impact and service - while strengthening their relationships and staying true to their soul’s purpose.

Known for her focus on Divine Alignment (getting connected to Divine Will) and Work-Life Balance, Vanessa is the creator of programs including:

  • Discovering Your Passionate Purpose™ 

  • The PARTY Goal Getting System™

  • Empower Your Goddess Voice™

  • The Business Building Foundations for Coaches, Healers, and 1-1 Service Providers

  • Relationships 101, and

  • Divine Alignment™

As a Coach and Trainer, Vanessa works 1-1 with her private clients, hosts MasterMinds and luxury retreats, and trains new and experienced Coaches to elevate their own practices through the powerful techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Supporting her clients to build lives they loved, many of her clients are business owners who want to make a truly exceptional impact and profit in their business without burning out and destroying the rest of their life. Vanessa and her clients are proof that you can have a successful business and successful relationships, vibrant health, inner peace, and profits.

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