Expert Presenter
Stephanie Jensen is an avid enthusiast of movement medicine (yoga) and radical self-love. She lives and teaches her passion of yoga in Las Vegas - and has recently began traveling and teaching as well! When teaching, she becomes a blank canvas for creative healing energy to pass through. She intuitively connects with every student and does her best to translate the teachings in an effective yet playful way.

She wants to remind her students that yoga comes in many forms. Sometimes one’s yoga is a sweaty, challenging physical practice and sometimes it’s practicing non-violence in five o'clock traffic. Sometimes it’s getting up early and drinking green juice and other times yoga is staying up late eating your favorite cacao bar in bed.

Stephanie’s intention is to inspire other’s to get back to their authentic selves and to find balance in whatever ways feel natural to their lives. When she sn’t in the studio, you can find Stephanie sipping tea out of her favorite mug, frolicking around in nature, or spending her time with any furry critter that crosses her path!