Spread Kindness everyday with everyone and everywhere!

One of our goals is to add to the ever growing movement of positivity. We believe that kindness always wins. With that we want to influence the world to intentionally seek out ways to be kind to others every day. Most importantly, we want to encourage you to react with love and kindness in the face of darkness and negativity. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said:

​"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

50 Acts of Kindness

  1.  Give your seat to an elderly person or soon-to-be mom on the bus or subway

  2.  Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in a drive-thru

  3.  Call a friend or family member and tell them how much you appreciate them

  4.  Compliment someone to their boss

  5.  If you have extra time on your parking ticket, give it to the person looking to buy one

  6.  Put a quarter in a parking meter if you see that it expired

  7.  Say thank you to your waste removal crew

  8.  Sponsor a child

  9.  Become a Big Brother or Big Sister

  10.  Sign the petition

  11.  If your friend is raising money for a good cause, make a donation

  12.  Speak up when you see someone being bullied

  13.  Bring food to a sick friend

  14.  Buy a meal for a homeless person

  15.  Tell your staff how much you appreciate them

  16.  When you see a parent struggling with their child having a tantrum in public, distract the child with a compliment and   tell the parent they are doing a good job

  17.  If the person behind you in the grocery line has one or two items, let them go ahead of you

  18.  Acknowledge a homeless person by saying hello or giving them a buck or two

  19.  Acknowedge the mistakes you make with your kids and say you are sorry

  20.  Babysit for a single mom so she can rest

  21.  Volunteer at a retirement home

  22.  Adopt a family during the holidays by providing a food or toy basket

  23.  Become a foster parent

  24.  Assume the best of people

  25.  Put your phone away during dinner and give the person across from you your full attention

  26.  Buy a coffee for your secretarial and custodial staff

  27.  Write a thank you note to your boss or colleague or staff for a job well done

  28.  Shovel your neighbor’s driveway after a snow storm

  29.  And clean off their car too

  30.  Volunteer at a dog shelter

  31.  Become a mentor to a small business owner

  32.  Donate money or small items to help with hurricane relief

  33.  Donate some books to your local school or old age home

  34.  If you see someone eating alone, invite them to eat with you

  35.  Greet everyone with a smile

  36.  See the other person’s perspective

  37.  Argue to be fair, not right

  38.  Encourage someone to stay the course to achieve their goals

  39.  Bring home flowers to your wife on a Monday

  40.  Read to your kids every night before bed

  41.  Say what you mean, mean what you say, don’t say it mean

  42.  Help a mom lift her stroller up or down the stairs

  43.  Be a good friend, go to the home party and buy something

  44.  Lend an ear even when you don’t have time

  45.  Make time for date night

  46.  Donate your clothes to goodwill

  47.  Let someone in front of you in the merge lane and give a wave when someone does it to you

  48.  Rescue a dog or cat

  49.  Become a foster parent to a dog or cat

  50.  Pick up your dog poop 

Be Good to Others
Spread Kindness